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Dr. Mambo

Dwight Brewster

Press Kit

Overview of "Doc..."

The music Dr Mambo creates is special and unique because the sound is based on Latin (Mambo) Jazz and Funk and Roll!  The Funk and Roll side is primarily an American sub-genre.  It was popular throughout the 1970s and the early 1980s, but it also achieved noted appeal on the club circuit in England during the mid-1970s. Similar genres include soul jazz and jazz fusion, but neither entirely overlap with Jazz.  Funk and Roll is more arranged and features more improvisation than soul jazz, and retains a stronger feel of groove from the Latin/Mambo input versus some of the jazz or Latin fusion productions.

Current Dr. Mambo an Experience Music 2023
All Songs written and arranged by Dr. Mambo

Dr. Mambo - New Release 2022
Brothers from The Bronx

Production Details:
Dwight's World Music History (


JungleRat Band


Willie Colon “Jazzy”


Funky Nassau w. Ray Munnings


Dr Mambo: “East 6th Street Mambo”


World of Jazz Radio

Radio program on the air 15 years.

Dr Mambo YouTube Channel

St Nicks Pub, The Virtual Club Channel


Dr Mambo's  Recordings

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